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    Board Fellow Timeline and Overview

    July - September: Complete application process · Application due - August 15th August through September · Partner Organization interview and selection process Late September/early October · Board Fellow match notification November - January: Integrate Board Fellow(s) into your organization · Provide a Board Mentor · Provide a formal introduction to the organization's work and expectations for board members · Introduce the Board Fellow(s) at the first Board Meeting they attend. Allow them to explain the Board Fellows program and their project · Include Board Fellow(s) in all board meetings (Board Fellows will act as non-voting members) · Include Board Fellow(s) in the committee meetings that their project is assigned to · Keep the Board Fellow(s) informed about organizational developments January - December: Support the Board Fellows project · Complete a Memorandum of Understanding with your Board Fellow(s) to ensure a common understanding of the project scope and timeline · Identify a staff member to act as the Project Coordinator - provides data and answer questions · Provide feedback about the progress of the project · Provide opportunity for the fellows to present findings to the Board · Conduct a final wrap up meeting with the fellows Ongoing: Communicate with the Board Fellows Program Management · Provide feedback about the program and suggestions for improvement

    Instructions - Please complete application by August 15, 2013

    Please carefully complete this application to help us understand your needs and enable us to make the best possible match with a Board Fellow. We expect that completing this application will take approximately 30 minutes. **NOTE THAT YOUR RESPONSES WILL NOT BE RECORDED UNTIL YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON AT THE END OF THE FINAL PAGE.**. You may be asked to participate in a phone interview with the McCombs Board Fellows administration sometime between July – September. Nonprofits will be interviewed to assess the fit with the Board Fellow program goals. Application Sections 1. Organization Information 2. Non-Profit Partner Interest in Board Fellows 3. Board of Directors Information 4. Board Mentor 5. Partner Key Contact Information 6. Project Information Please note that given the unpredictable nature of the number of Board Fellow applicants and their accompanying skills, and the number of our non-profit partner applicants and needs, we cannot guarantee you a fellow. Experience has shown that the matching process is incredibly important to ensure a successful experience for the fellow and the non-profit partner organization. We will ONLY match fellows and organizations when their needs, skills, and interests align well. If we are unable to provide you with a Board Fellow this year, this is in no way a judgment on your organization or project - it is simply due to our inability to find you a good match. In this event, we encourage you to apply to Board Fellows in future years. Partner Selection: Partners must be based out of Austin, have 501(c)(3) status, and have board meetings on at least a quarterly basis. Preference will be given to organizations with at least 8 board members, over $350,000 in revenue, and three or more full-time employees.

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