Ulisses Vegas Con 2021 - Interest Survey
Our Boutique Fan Convention at the Artisan Hotel
Assuming we take all appropriate safety precautions, how likely are you to attend? *
We plan to hold Ulisses Vegas Con in late April of 2021. We understand that travel is difficult now, but we will only hold the convention if our guests can travel and attend safely.
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
How interested are you in playing each of the following Ulisses Spiele games? *
Not Interested
Willing to Play
Absolutely Essential
Aventuria Adventure Card Game
The Dark Eye
Fading Suns
Myth: Dawn of Heroes
Myth: Tales of Legend
Torg Eternity
Space 1889
HeXXen 1733
What elements do you consider important for providing a high-end convention experience? *
Not Important
Nice But Not Needed
Absolutely Essential
Games Run by Designers
Panels by Designers
Socializing with Staff
Live-Action Roleplay
Exclusive First Looks
Convention Swag
Round-the-Clock Events
Great Food and Drink
Events Around Town
Are there any other experiences you think we should include?
Thank you!
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