Honey Judging Contest Entry Form

Judging Standards For Liquid Honey

1) Container: appearance 10
2) Accuracy of fill level: 10
Maximum gap: ½ inch
3) Moisture content: 20
water content above 18.6% disqualified
4) Freedom from crystals 10
5) Freedom from foam 10
6) Clarity and cleanliness of honey: 10
freedom from air bubbles, pollen grains or
fine particles
7) Label: the word “Honey” must be visible, must
include net weight (excludes packaging) and
contact information 20
8) Aroma: points lost if there is a disagreeable
aroma 10

These standards are for the TBA
Honey Judging Contest.

There are additional
requirements for labeling when selling honey at
shows or demonstrations.

SEE VIRGINIA LABELING LAWS AT http://tidewaterbeekeepers.net/Virginia-Beekeeping-&-Food-Laws/

General Rules for Honey Tasting Contest

• All entries must be produced by the contestant.
• All entries of honey must be from bees belonging to paid members of the Tidewater Beekeepers Association or members of their families, and from the current year’s production.

Since this is a ‘People’s Choice Award’ with the judging being conducted by the TBA General Membership, for health reasons, all honey entries must be presented in a jar with a spout or dispenser.

Do not use tamper-proof seals.

There must not be any type of label on the jars.

All entries that do not meet the moisture content criteria of a maximum 18.6% will be disqualified.
Any entry above 18.6% is technically NOT honey. It is considered to be “green honey” and can possibly ferment and spoil. HONEY is the only food in the world that will not spoil, as long as it is “ripe”.

For this contest, the only other criteria is TASTE!

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