2016 Eau Claire County Poverty/Food Security Quiz
After answering these questions, you'll be able to see the correct answers and learn more!
What percent of Eau Claire County’s residents are considered poor? (Defined as below 100% of the 2015 US poverty guidelines) For example, this would mean annual earnings of 24,250 or less, for a family of four.
What percent of Eau Claire County’s residents are low income or “the working poor”? (Defined as below 185% of 2015 US poverty guidelines) This would mean annual earnings of $44,955 or less, for a family of four in 2015.
What percentage of Eau Claire County’s population received FoodShare (unduplicated food stamp recipients) in 2015?
What percentage of students attending Longfellow Elementary School participated in free or reduced lunch in September 2016?
What percent of Eau Claire County’s children are predicted food insecure?Food insecurity is defined as limited or uncertain availability to healthy, adequate and safe food for a healthy and active lifestyle. (Feeding America, Map the Meal Gap, 2016)
How many individuals can the earnings of a full-time worker making minimum wage support above the poverty line? (2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines)
What is the hourly wage an Eau Claire County family with one parent and 1 young child would need to earn to meet basic family needs without assistance? (The hourly wage is the amount needed by the family in order to have sufficient after-tax income to meet basic needs without participating in any public or private assistance, 2014 data)
The median annual earnings of an Eau Claire County male is higher than that of an Eau Claire County female, both working full time, year round.(US Census, American Community Survey, Eau Claire County WI 2015, 1 Year Estimate).
In 2014, what percentage of patients seen at the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic were diagnosed with diabetes?
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