Harvest Anchor 2016 Small Groups Survey
We'd like your feedback to help strengthen our small groups ministry here at Harvest! Please share feedback about your experience this year. All questions are optional; you may submit an anonymous response if desired. :)
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Which small group are you in?
How consistently on average did you come out to Anchor this past year?
2016 Small Groups Ministry Feedback
If you are not part of an Anchor small group or do not regularly attend, what is your main reason?
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Did you like this year's large group format of rotating musical praise, devotional sharing, and topical discussions?
Use this space to provide additional comments on the large group format.
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Please share feedback on how you experienced our small group ministry core values.
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My small group challenges me to apply the truth of Scripture to my life in community.
I was able to build good relationships with other small group members.
I grew in my knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I grew in my experience of pursuing peace and speaking truth in love in community.
If I had a fear, a need or struggle, I could talk to members of my small group without fear of judgment or shame.
I had opportunity to discover how to bless others in the church through my time in small group.
I grew in my desire to reach out to my neighbors, coworkers, friends with God's love.
Our Anchor community welcomes and integrates visitors and newcomers well.
Please use this space to elaborate on any of your answers above.
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What did you enjoy most about your small group experience?
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What did you not enjoy about your small group experience?
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What did your small group leader(s) do well?
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How can your leader(s) grow/improve with respect to small group leading?
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Would you like to become involved in the small group ministry?
*Small group understudies serve as small group leaders-in-training alongside a small group leader. For more information, please contact smallgroups@harvestsd.com.
Any other questions or comments?
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