IA Revision #3 Statistical Choice/ Data processing flow chart self-check
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Does your data require calculation of %change? This is not likely for many of you. think, mass change of potatoes in osmosis *
Does your data require a central tendency calculation- ie, mean w/standard deviation. This is likely to be many of you so check *
Did you briefly explain why your data needs a mean/ sd - have you justified this and also described what it means *
If you said no or N/A for mean/SD; choose why *
Do you have enough trials at each level [ min 5 trials] to calculate standard deviation? *
Have you shown a sample calculation and included how you got these calculations in your report - TI84 or Excel or Sheets *
Have you cited reference(s) used for any explanation of what these mean? [Hint statistical methods references in Investigations Folder including flow charts etc can be cited]. *
Inferential statistics Dichotomous Questions
1.Did you look for: a trend or relationship between variables? are they related *
2.Did you look for a DIFFERENCE between levels of manipulated variable? are they different and is this difference significant *
3.Did you have two levels for your manipulated variable *
4. Did you look to see if observed matches what you would have expected? *
5. Did you look to see if two variables are dependent on each other or associated with each other? *
Have you included a justification for your selected inferential statistic *
Have you cited your selected method in your report - hint- statistical methods folder material useful for this. *
FYI- Significant items missing or in error will reduce the data processing section of IA draft revision score by the following factor: if incomplete or significant error uncorrected -1/3; if significantly incomplete by -1/2; nothing submitted by - 1.
Do you understand the score impact of incomplete or missing corrections to this section of IA draft revision score? *
Have you completed and received your 1st peer evaluation form- dichotomous key - IA Revision Assignment #1? *
Have you completed the IA revision assignment #2 - aka Assignment 3/2/18 google form *
Have you attended IA tutorials either this semester or last semester *
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