HH10: The Power of Representation & the Representation of Power in Water Conflict and Cooperation
Registration for the jubilee of the Hydro-Hegemony conference on 'The Power of Representation & the Representation of Power in Water Conflict and Cooperation'. The conference organised by Wageningen University and Research, IHE Delft, and the London Water Research Group, supported by the Municipality of The Hague. The conference will take place at 4 & 5 October 2019 at the The Hague Humanity Hub, , Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague.

Information on transboundary water issues comes to us in various forms and shapes: from indicators and infographics to photos and films. Names (‘friendship dam’) and metaphors (‘the water bomb’) symbolise conflict and cooperation over water; they promote certain perspectives and marginalize others.

The HH10 conference is dedicated to the topic of power and representation in water conflict and cooperation, and provides a platform to discuss representation of interests and issues as well as representation through discourses, narratives and images. It will focus on the following two questions:

1) Who and what is (not) represented in transboundary water decision making?
2) How are transboundary water issues (re)presented?

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