Demanding a Safe Re-opening for Oakland University #NotMICampus
Not MI Campus is a coalition of students from multiple universities in the state of Michigan. We are dedicated to fighting the unjust and unsafe re-opening of our campuses, and demanding that resources go to students, faculty, and staff, not admins.

This coalition and the student body of Oakland University demands a response from Oakland University administration by October 15, 2020.

Our Demands:

1. Universal Optional Online Learning
- Getting students access to internet and hot spots
-Mandating any class has an online option and can be taken online (current ruling grants students at higher risk of catching COVID-19 this option, not every student.)

2. Encouragement of and support for faculty to use open source, public-domain or low-cost alternatives for course materials given the significant financial burden of required textbooks and other course materials purchased through the Bookstore or otherwise.

3. Protections for OU employees such as significantly increased allocation of paid sick leave, paid family leave, and paid medical leave and continued supply of face masks and coverings by and for campus departments requiring in person work.

4. A public commitment by OU and OUPD to not aid in the detention or deportation of undocumented students, faculty, or staff as well as those who commit non-violent crimes on campus especially as it is clear that jails and detention centers quickly become epicenters of COVID-19 spread and incarceration prevents individuals the ability to access critical community care.

5. Adequately paying and improving the welfare of cleaning staff, providing OU with adequate hand sanitizer, and reusable and disposable masks by using funds set aside for the BioButton initiative and OUPD funding.

This petition is written and presented in solidarity with various institutions across Michigan and the nation facing similar concerns as their higher education institutions also recklessly move forward toward face-to-face instruction for the 2020-2021 school year. The writer gives permission to campus leaders of other institutions to use the content of this document to petition their own institutions to implement similar demands.
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