Questions from the AGNC for specialist nurses/midwives working genomics
The Association of Genetic Nurses and Counsellors (AGNC) is an organisation representing genetic counsellors, genetic nurses, and non-medical patient facing staff in the UK and Ireland, who are working within the discipline of Clinical Genetics, NHS Genomic Medicine Services, and wider healthcare settings.

As the landscape of genomics services evolves with the roll out of genomic testing to mainstream services, we are aware of the growing number of Specialist Nurses and Midwives who are taking on the role of offering genetic/genomic tests to patients. As an organisation we would like to assess how we can evolve alongside the services, to support nurses and midwives who are practicing genetic counselling as part of their wider role.  We are particularly interested in ensuring that the psycho-social, ethical and family implications of genetic information are not forgotten as genomic testing becomes more and more common in healthcare settings.

For more information about us, please see:
In addition, you may wish to look at the website of the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board at

We are grateful for you taking the time to feedback to us how we can support you in this work.

With thanks, Sara Levene, AGNC Chair
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Job title *
Department, Trust and Geographical area where you work *
How long have you been in this role? *
Has genetic/genomic testing or genetic risk assessment always been part of this role? *
If no, how long have you been doing genetic/genomic work in this role?
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What type of genetic assessment / tests do you undertake (tick all that apply) *
Are you the only person doing this work in your department? *
If no, please tell us who else is doing this work alongside you.
For any tests above that you do not undertake yourself, who in your service undertakes these tests, or to whom do you refer?
Do you have direct links to a local Genetics department / Genetic Counsellor / Clinical Geneticist? (tick all links that apply) *
If you do not have close links with a local Genetics department, who do you go to discuss genetics questions?
What added value (if any) do you feel a Genetics colleague (Genetic Counsellor or Clinical Geneticist) may provide?
From a personal point of view, please describe your overall confidence level when discussing genetic risk / testing with patients, on a scale of 1-5 (1=not confident; 5=very confident) *
Please explain your answer, especially if you feel you lack confidence or particular skills, or if your confidence varies depending on the type of testing you are discussing.
Please tell us the genetic / genomic /genetic counselling training courses you have done to equip you in this role. *
The AGNC would like to further support Specialist Nurses/Midwives who undertake genetic risk assessment and testing in their role. Please tell us which, if any, of the following you would be interested in (tick as many as you wish): *
Would you be willing to become a member of the AGNC in order to access some of the services above? *
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