MATCHMAKING SESSIONS: Call for AHA unmet needs (I2M Plan)
Fill in this questionnaire if you are a healthcare organisation willing to take part in the Matchmaking sessions organised by the I2M Plan. Deadline is 14 November 2019 23:59 CET.

The benefits to participate for healthcare organisations are:
-Meet the latest technological developments in AHA that can solve your need
-Connect with other healthcare providers with similar needs
-Access a large network of European innovators
-Visibility in the European healthcare community as an innovative healthcare organisation social media, press releases and other media coverage

Selected participants will have the chance to attend the session which will be organised in the frame of 4YFN in Barcelona, Spain, between 24-26 February 2020. 4YFN is the startup event of the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, GSMA MWC. 4YFN convenes the brightest talent with the greatest ideas to develop the technologies of tomorrow. 4YFN is where top-flight investors connect with the hottest startups to change the world and where major corporations find early stage innovation to acquire or commercialise. 4YFN is committed to build the startup ecosystem for a better future.

This questionnaire aims to identify Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) unmet needs.

Target participants are AHA Healthcare and Social organizations that have identified a problem and want to know the digital solutions available in the market to solve it.

WE4AHA partners will select those needs that have the greatest:
-Expected Impact for the hospital, the healthcare professionals and the patients (health outcomes, cost savings, satisfaction of end-users).
-Scalability. Does the need affect a sizable amount of population? Are there other organisations who might have the same challenge/need?
-Commitment of the organisation to implement a solution in the short term.

Once the needs are selected, I2M Partners will scout the digital solutions available in the market. We will invite both the organisation with the need and the solution providers to a 1-day matchmaking live event organised between 24-26 February 2020 in Barcelona (4YFN).

WE4AHA is a EU funded project that aims to advance the effective, large-scale uptake and impact of Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA), building on a comprehensive set of support and promotion services.
The matchmaking sessions are part of the Innovation to Market Plan that WE4AHA has created. The plan is addressed to organisations delivering AHA services and solution suppliers. It aims at facilitating relationships, mutual understanding, scaling-up, and increasing the impact of innovative technology driven solutions on the AHA market. Ticbiomed is the We4AHA partner in charge of this activity.

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COMMITMENT AND FEASIBILITY. If we find a potential successful solution, how likely is that your organisation implements it in the short to medium term (1-3 years)? Describe the barriers and the enhancers e.g. people that would need to be involved to make the decision, sources of funding available, or whether this is a priority in your organisation. *
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Is your organisational need contained in any of the four priority areas defined by the BluePrint to innovate health and care in Europe? *
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