Felt Initiative Branch Director Application
- joined the program discord https://discord.gg/8rBTyeTj2q and have read the server information
- at least 12 years old and have not finished their fourth year of college who can dedicate time into the program (most time-invested role other than the directors)
- must be from US/UK/Canada/Australia

A basic idea of what you will be doing if you are accepted:
- Checking in with tutors and guiding them throughout their entire journey
- Communicating with entire team
- Holding interviews and sending out appropriate emails to tutors
- If you have connections in other countries (not needed!), then interacting and assisting in recruiting students
- Assist in holding biweekly meetings

What we look for:
- dedication and ambition
- management!, social, and leadership skills
- dependable
- organized
- open-minded and adaptable
- commitment: again, this is a time-consuming role and we expect that you will have time to dedicate to the program (but, most of this time is not scheduled, meaning you can do it when you have time)

Time commitment: 10-15 hours per week
If you pass this first stage of the application, you will be sent an email for an interview. It will last about 10-15 minutes, but don't worry! It won't be super formal.
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Can you speak any foreign languages? If so, rank your level in them (1 - I know a little, can understand, 5 - fluent)
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Describe your experience in management. If none, describe how you will manage communications and pairings well. (4 sentences) *
Are you someone who enjoys communicating with others? Why or why not? (3 sentences)
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