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Confidentiality Terms: Thank you for contacting Hiring A Santa! The business of Hire A Santa depends on the confidentiality of some of the information contained in our emails. Of particular importance is the personal information concerning our Santa’s, as well as the pricing we offer to our clients (together, the “Confidential Information”). We therefore ask that you:keep the Confidential Information in strict confidence, and do not divulge any aspect of the Confidential Information to any entity aside from the one to which it is addressed, including to any of your affiliates, sister companies, parent company, or subsidiaries, or any employees, directors, officers, or other personnel engaged therewith; anduse the Confidential Information for no purpose other than to hire a Santa through Hire A Santa, and specifically, do not use the Confidential Information to directly solicit or engage the services of any Santa whom we may bring to your attention. Our provision of a Santa to you is conditional upon your acceptance of this term of confidentiality, and you are deemed to accept it when you hire a Santa through us. If you are unable or unwilling to maintain the confidence of our Confidential Information and use it only for the purpose specified above, please notify us immediately and destroy this information.
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