hololive production VTuber Audition
Thank you for your interest in our VTuber audition for hololive production.
* The information provided on the application form will only be used for audition screening, communication, and analysis.
Applications that are sent multiple times will be rejected.
Re-application is possible once every 3 months.
Only successful applicants will be contacted within 1 month of applying.

Initial Guidelines.
This audition is available to those who fit the following criteria:
- You must be able to deliver content continuously for at least one year,
- You must be able to deliver content at least 3 times a week (content provided after getting home or on your days off while you're studying or working is fine),
- You have a proven track record as a content creator (including, but not limited to, gaming, music, and illustration), and
- You must be 18 years of age or older.

Note: For the application, you are not required to have your own VTuber avatar.
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Email *
Self introduction video (YouTube URL) *
Please record a roughly 5-minute long in-character self-introduction, either with video or audio only, and upload it unlisted to YouTube. If your original character has a profile or backstory, please provide it in the video description. Please see the URL for how to make it unlisted.  https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/157177      *Your own character model is not required and will not be transferred to hololive production*
Basic Information
Basic information will not affect the audition result and will be confidential.
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Birthday *
Please note: You must be at least 18 years of age by the time of applying.
Location of residence *
Do you own a YouTube channel? *
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Do you own a Twitch channel? *
If yes, what is the URL of your Twitch channel?
Tell us your Twitter account (full URL) used for content creating activities.
If you do not have a Twitter account, please write "None".
Skill and Experience
Please tell us your experience as a live streamer. In addition, please include the maximum number of viewers you've had at any one time. *
Please tell us your experience in video creation. In addition, please include the name/s of software used. *
How long have you been doing gaming commentary? *
How do you gauge your English language ability? *
How do you gauge your Japanese language ability? *
Please tell us if you have any other skills/talents that would help you as a streamer (eg. music, drawing, voice acting, audience interaction, etc.). *
What is the frequency of live streaming you can provide (eg. ● days a week, ● hours on Saturdays and Sundays, etc.)? *
Additional Information
Who is your favorite VTuber and why? *
Please tell us why you want to join hololive production. *
In detail, what kind of activities and goals do you want to fulfill as a VTuber? *
Do you have a management contract with another company? *
Are you applying for an audition for another company? *
Further Inquiries
Please fill in any questions, requests, concerns, etc.
Handling of personal information
Please read the privacy policy (https://cover-corp.com/en/privacy) before submitting the application form and provide your consent below. English is at the bottom.

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