Ian Minnick Memorial Scholarship
The Ian Minnick Memorial Scholarship offers a $1,000 renewable award to a talented musician or other creative artist graduating from Riverside High School and who is pursuing a post-secondary education in music, digital media production, voice, dance, theater, filmography, photography or any other art form not mentioned, for a maximum of four years.

The Ian Minnick Memorial Scholarship was established in 2019 in loving memory of Ian Minnick. Ian was a 2015 graduate of Riverside High School. Ian was a percussionist in the Symphonic Band, the Percussion and Squad Leader on snare drum in the Riverside Regiment, in the pep band, and the pit band for various musicals. Ian was the recipient of the Regiment Best in Class and Best Male Musician as voted on by the Regiment for multiple years. Ian was also the recipient of the John Phillips Sousa Award and the U.S. Marines' "Semper Fidelis" Award for Musical Excellence his senior year. His high school senior project was to perform and record each drum cadence for future Regiment Drumlines to hear and learn.

Outside of school, Ian took voice, guitar, piano and percussion lessons and participated in the Riverside Community Talent Show and Pfabe’s Rock School for many years. For multiple years, Ian attended a Recording Camp at Bowling Green State University’s Summer Music Institute. Ian was the guitarist in Chil, an alternative rock band based in Stow, for nine years. He collaborated with his band writing music and lyrics, recording music videos, designing logos and maintaining their online presence. They recorded many original songs and ultimately recorded their last EP with Ian at the historical Motor Museum in Liverpool, England.

While a high school student and as a student at Kent State University, he participated in various movies by acting, filming and as a sound technician. Ian attended Kent State University studying Digital Media Production, focusing on sound.

Ian had been a 6th grade camp counselor and a high school band ambassador for middle school students. Ian taught guitar and percussion to many Riverside students and returned to Band Camp each year to help teach the drum line. By being involved with younger students in these ways, he has had a lasting impact even after graduating from Riverside. These scholarships are to continue Ian’s Legacy by inspiring others to follow their passions and express themselves in the creative arts.

Scholarship Applicants:

✓ Applicants must be a current graduating Riverside High School senior.
✓ Applicants may attend an accredited technical school, dance or art academy or a two
or four year college or university in a part or full time capacity.
✓ Applicants must be pursuing continuing education in music, digital media production,
voice, dance, theater, photography or other art form.
✓ Applicant must have a history of participating in at least one of the following: Riverside
Regiment or the Riverside band program, extra-curricular creative or fine arts programs
or classes at Riverside High School or in the community.
✓ Applicant must have two letters of recommendations submitted, at least one being
from a Riverside faculty member.
✓ GPA will not be taken into consideration, however, Riverside Local Schools will be
contacted to verify that the applicant is currently meeting all graduation requirements
of Riverside High School.
✓ Applicant must electronically submit one visual, audio or performance piece
demonstrating the applicant’s ability and talent in the art form of choice.
✓ Applications must be submitted online by 11:59 p.m. on April 22nd.

Award Recipients:

✓ Recipient must provide the school acceptance letter for the first year scholarship.
✓ Applicant must reapply for the award each year, submitting proof of enrollment
annually by August 30th.
✓ Scholarship payments are made directly to the recipient.
✓ Award is complete and discontinues upon graduation of recipient if done so in less
than four years.
✓ If recipient withdraws from school, the award will be discontinued.
✓ Recipient must remain in good standing with the attending school.
✓ If recipient changes major or educational focus or transfers to another educational
institution, the scholarship committee must be notified and a determination will be
made if the award will be continued based on the information received.

The recipient of the award will be recognized at Commencement and the check will be made payable and sent to the recipient.

Submission deadline: 11:59 p.m. on April 22, 2020.

For questions, please email RLEEF@RiversideSchools.net or IansLegacy@gmail.com.

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