Wisconsin WIC Association (WWA) Membership Survey 2019
We would like to hear from you what you would like to see with WWA! Your responses will remain anonymous.
Are you currently a WWA member?
If you are not a WWA member, why not?
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Did you or your project participate in WWA Advocacy week (April 22-26th)?
If yes, what activities did you participate in?
Are you interested in getting more involved with WWA with a minimal time commitment? (1-2X/year)
Would you be interested in attending a full day Ellyn Satter Institute Intensive Course?
Would you be interested in WWA webinars for CEUs?
If the 2018 WIC apparel (tee shirts, fleece zip-ups, bags, etc.) sale was repeated would you submit an order?
Which would you be most interested in:
How well are we communicating with members? (1=very satisfied, 2=satisfied, 3=fair, 4= dissatisfied, 5=very dissatisfied)
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