Fiercely Built Ambassador Program
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Here's how it works...
Earn FREE Fiercely Built gear by posting about the brand on your social media networks!

To earn free gear, Fiercely Built requires at least one post per month (on Instagram and Facebook). The definition of a post for the Fiercely Built Ambassador (FBA) program includes a picture, a tag to Fiercely Built Apparel and hashtags (#fiercelybuilt, #fiercelybuiltapparel). A video post is optional, but would be appreciated! You can post as often as you'd like, and for every two posts (picture, tag and hashtags), you will get a free item, up to THREE free items. So basically six posts in total for three free items. Great deal!

Fiercely Built will continue to reward you for continuing to post. If you remain an active brand ambassador, you will get 50% off all your orders!

As an FBA you should have an active Instagram and Facebook account, with at least 1,000 followers on each. If you do not meet this requirement, then you may be perfect for the Referral Program. With the Referral Program you do not need any specific social media page or amount of followers. You will get a referral code and earn FREE gear through sales using your code. Be sure to fill out the form below even if the Referral Program is a better fit for you!

Our Mission
Fiercely Built is a fitness and lifestyle brand designed for all women - no matter your shape, size or lifestyle! Here at Fiercely Built our MISSION is to encourage women to live their very best life through self-acceptance, happiness, fitness and health. Women are strong, beautiful, successful, independent, smart, courageous and so, so much more!

By reviewing and completing this form you are agreeing to be reviewed to become a Fiercely Built Ambassador (FBA). Smart choice! You will be notified if you are chosen!

An FBA is a person who has chosen to live a happy and productive life and is motivated to inspire others to do the same. The role of an FBA is to promote the Fiercely Built brand, mission and values in a tasteful manner. As an FBA you are encouraged to share pictures of you being active, having fun, hanging with friends and most importantly wearing the merchandise. You should use your own unique style to stand out among the crowd!

As an FBA, you can trust that Fiercely Built strives for the highest quality merchandise and professional customer service.
Your Role as an FBA
As an FBA, your role is to promote the brand on your social media networks and within your local community. Definitely use your unique style while wearing the clothes, being active and having fun in creativity.

* Post about fun and active events in your community that inspire health and wellbeing.

* Share pictures of your delicious meals that promote eating a balanced diet.

* Share information about the brand with your friends and family. Keep them up-to-date with promotional announcements and flash sale opportunities.

* Become a Fiercely Built model! We will reach out to you when new products come in to take professional and beautiful photos that you can use in your portfolio.

For additional ideas of what to post, be sure to download GroupMe. Its a FREE group messaging app. You will get messages from the Fiercely Built owner on posting each month.
FBA Requirements
* Follow Fiercely Built on social media (Instagram: @FiercelyBuiltApparel and Facebook: Fiercely Built Apparel).

* Maintain an active Instagram and Facebook account with at least 1,000 followers on each.

* Post on your social media networks as often as you'd like, but at least once per month (including a picture, video and tag to Fiercely Built Apparel) in order to receive FREE merchandise. Your posts must be visible to Fiercely Built.

* Tag Fiercely Built Apparel in photos and content that is created to promote the brand.

* Feel free to request digital promotional pieces to assist you with content ideas.

* Please provide us feedback! We want to hear from you.
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