Examples of AI & ML in Development
Are you using AI or ML in your work? Do you want to share your learning with your peers? Then please submit your examples of AI and ML projects!

We will be focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the December 5 Technology Salon in South Africa, and December 12th Technology Salon in Washington, DC.

We are seeking examples of where practitioners are using artificial intelligence and machine learning in their programs, to get us past the hype and understand the practical realities of applying either in international development.

We will include a list of examples in the Tech Salons and aim to create a written report from both events that we'll share with ICTworks' 15,000 subscribers.

You can also apply to be considered as a lead discussant for the DC Salon and join us in-person or virtually to talk about your work.

Wayan Vota
Technology Salon

What is your AI or ML innovation?
Please tell us what you are doing, where you are in the process, and what's your impact (or impact goal)? More detail the better
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Do you consider it AI or ML? Why?
We're also interested in how people define AI and ML in international development.
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Do you have a link to more information?
Specifically on the AI project so we can read about it more detail
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What should we be worried about with AI?
Please be specific in your concern so we can focus on the issue.
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Do you want to be considered as a lead discussant for the DC Salon?
We can bring in two lead discussants virtually. All other DC Salon participants need to be present in-person.
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