Democratic Structures: Student Survey
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I am aware of the Educate Together Ethos.
I know who is on the Student Union (Union Glas) in our school.
I am aware of the work of the Student Union (Union Glas)
I understand how decisions about school policies are made in the school.
Students are informed of key developments taking place in the school.
Students are consulted on the development of school policies.
I know where I can find the policies and procedures of the school.
I am clear about of the role of the Student Union (Union Glas)
The Student Union (Union Glas) is active in our school.
The Student Union (Union Glas) consults with student body.
The Student Union (Union Glas) represents the views of students on matters that relate to them.
Students influence decisions made in the school.
Students have opportunities to be leaders in the school.
I feel that my ideas are listened to by staff in the school.
Teachers encourage me to think for myself.
Teachers encourage me to give my opinion in class.
In school, we are taught how to give our opinion in a respectful manner.
It is easy for me to give my views if I wanted.
Students opinions are listened to in our school.
Students are involved in School Self Evaluation.
I know what School Self Evaluation is about.
Students are informed of improvements being made to the school as a result of school self-evaluation.
After the school consults with students on any matter, students are told what final decision is made.
What are your main concerns in relation to the operation of the democratic structures in your school? *
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What actions do you propose to address these concerns? *
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