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Please complete this survey to create a confidential investor profile on This profile will allow you to receive only those posts by other investors regarding deals that may fit your interests. By default, only your Name (if an individual), Investor Type, Organization (if not an individual), and Geography and Sector preferences will be visible to other investors who have profiles on our website. None of your information will be visible to the general public. We take your privacy seriously, as reflected in our Privacy Policy:
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Which type of investor in the following list best describes you? (Select one. "Accredited" refers to U.S. Persons who meet certain income or assets criteria.)
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If you invest on behalf of an organization, what is its name? (If not applicable, answer "n/a".)
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In which geographic area(s) do you prefer to invest? (Select all that apply.)
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Toward which of the following UN Sustainable Development Goals do you prefer to invest? (Select all that apply.)
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What is the primary currency in which you make impact investments? (We assume your answers to later questions are denominated in this currency. If you invest with additional currencies, please list them in "Other.")
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What size of impact investment do you prefer to make at a time? (CHOOSE ALL THAT APPLY.) Please consider choosing all levels at or below your preferred ticket size.
Past Deals (number of)
How many impact investments have you made? (For example: 5.)
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Past Deals (amount)
What is the total amount you have invested in impact? (For example, 250,000.)
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Group Affiliation
Are you affiliated with any organized impact investing groups? If so, please list them. (For example: Toniic, Investors' Circle, or US National Advisory Board on Impact Investing.)
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Location/Residence - Primary
In which region or country is your primary location or residence? (For example: Geneva, Switzerland; Hong Kong; or the greater Seattle area.)
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Location/Residence - Secondary
In which region or country is your secondary residence, if applicable?
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Years Investing
How many years have you been impact investing? (For example: 2, 6, or "just getting started.")
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Asset Classes *
In which asset classes are you investing with impact?
Led Diligence
Have you ever led due diligence on a prospective impact investment? (Select one.)
Led Terms
Have you ever led the terms that were established for a round of impact investment?
Stage *
At what stage(s) of company do you prefer to make impact investments? (Select all that apply.)
Structure *
Which of the following deal structures do you prefer? (Select all that apply.)
No Co-investment with
Do you prefer NOT to co-invest with any of the following types of investors? (Select all that apply.)
Near-term Deal
Are you currently leading a deal or expect to lead one in the near-term for which you seek co-investors?
How Heard?
How did you hear about us? (Please be as specific as possible because this is helpful to know - and interesting!)
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Anything Else?
Is there anything else you'd like to let us know?
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