Jack And Paula Curtis ~ Clinic Application
This is ONLY an application form and in no way confirms clinic dates or approval of the venue.

It is an application only.


-The cost of a 2 day clinic is $5,500 -- 3 day is $7,000.

- A $1,000 non refundable deposit is required to hold your dates for a clinic
- We also require that the host of the clinic and participants sign our waivers

- The price of the participant tickets is up to each clinic host.

As an example: For a 3 day clinic, you could charge $550 per participant. That totals $13,200 (if you have 24 riders total, 24 is our max.). Auditors are typically at $25 -$35 per day per person, which add up as well.

After paying our clinic fee, arena rental, etc., you would keep the rest as profit.
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Choose from the clinic topics below, or talk with us about a custom combination for your group.
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