Community Guidelines
I. Community Guidelines

The Lab is a special designated place for experiential learning in entrepreneurship. It is intended for use on entrepreneurial projects.

II. Hours

The Liu Idea Lab will be open from 12:00-6:00pm for normal access hours. For extended access hours, the Lab will be open from 6:00pm-12:00pm.

II. Community

The Lab is accessible by current Rice students / affiliates.

II. Usage

Usage of the Lab is contingent on agreement with usage policies. The usage policies for the Lab are below. Failure to abide by the usage policies and guidelines will result in access being revoked.

A. Orientation

• To gain first-time access, current Rice affiliates will be asked to review the community guidelines and to complete an orientation quiz to ensure understanding and agreement. After initially passing the quiz, Rice affiliates will be granted preliminary access to the Lab and may gain entry with a current Rice ID.
• In order to use A/V equipment, Lilie constituents must complete a one-time orientation with Lilie front desk staff.

B. Access to the Lab

• Constituents must enter the Lab via the card swipe door.
• Constituents must swipe their Rice ID card upon entry each time they enter the space.
• Constituents may not swipe their Rice ID card to grant a peer or non-Rice affiliates access to the Lab.
• No constituent is to use the side entrance to the Lab unless the Lilie constituent is granted special permission from Rice RUPD for a special event.

C. AV Usage

• Constituents may not use any conferencing or A/V equipment until he/she has completed a tutorial with a Lilie staff member. To schedule an orientation, please log this request with the staff on duty.
• Constituents should ensure AV equipment is fully powered down after use. Additionally, if an item needs charging (clickers, microphones, etc.) constituents should notify a staff member.

D. Open Area Usage

• To preserve any text written on a window, white board, or white board wall, constituents must write a note next to the markings stating "DO NOT ERASE UNTIL [Date]". Otherwise, facilities or other constituents / staff will clean these areas.
• No equipment of any kind (cords, chairs, whiteboards, etc.) is to leave the Liu Idea Lab space.

E. Offices and Conference Room Usage

• Offices (130B/D) are not permitted for student use. These are reserved for faculty/staff and community mentors.
• If constituents would like to use on of the two conference rooms (130A/C), they must reserve via the calendar system or with the front desk receptionist.
• Before using a conference room, constituents must check schedule to ensure no one has it reserved for that time slot.
• Conference rooms should not be treated as a personal office. Constituents can book the conference room for a moderate amount of time (to host a meeting, to host a conference call, etc.) but should not leave their things there unattended to “hold” the space.
• Conference rooms are to be left better than the way were found. Ensure tables are clean and clear, and that conferencing equipment is properly stored and televisions are off.
• No equipment from conference rooms (cords, chairs, whiteboards, etc.) is to leave the Liu Idea Lab space.

F. Food/Drink

• All liquids must be consumed with a lid on the carpeted area.
• No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the space without prior approval for a special event.
• To promote sustainability, constituents should bring their own bottles and mugs for coffee and water consumption. Lilie does not provide cups for community use. Do not use cups or items in the cabinets, as those have been purchased for special events.
• The fridge is not open for use except for events with explicit permission.
• If you would like a Lilie Keurig cup, please see the front desk manager where you can donate $1 to have access to our selection.
• Constituents should only consume food in the kitchen area unless there is a larger event happening.
• Constituents should clean the microwave after every use.
• Do not leave dishes in the sink.

G. Safety and Wellbeing

• If there is ever a life threatening emergency, please call RUPD. The address for the Liu Idea Lab is:
Cambridge Building, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005; Entrance #3; corner of Main St. & Cambridge St.
• For all other non-life threatening concerns, please contact RUPD at 713-348-600.
• There are elevated ground outlets. Constituents must mind their step to avoid tripping.
• Firearms and other weapons are not allowed, per Rice University guidelines.
• Participation in the Lab requires mutual respect, per Rice University guidelines.
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