Rent the Green Muslims Zero Trash Party Set!
Are you planning an event or workshop for your organization? Having a big potluck or picnic? Renting the Green Muslims Zero Trash Party Set is not only a way to save the costs of buying disposable plates, but a great contribution to protect our planet, reduce the size of our land fills, and inspire your friends to environmental stewardship.

The Zero Trash Party Set is a set of tableware that features:
• Large plates, cutlery (forks, spoons, knives) and cups
• Sturdy and dishwasher safe
• Made of 100% recycled #5 plastic
• BPA and melamine free

Payment accepted by cash or check.

$10 deposit required on day of pick-up, in addition to the Party Set rate. Deposit will be given back upon return of the Party Set on time and in good condition.

*Fee waivers available for those who qualify. Please specify below under special arrangements.

$5 discount if you take photos at your party and submit them OR submit a blog post to to be featured on the Green Muslims blog! $10 discount if you submit party photos AND a written blog post!

Please read our Terms and Conditions here:

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