Volunteer Application - Babyland Conservation Project
Would you like to get your hands dirty for a good cause?
Please fill out the application below for consideration.
This project will run through the summer, the fall, and maybe into next year (but hopefully not).
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Note: we have regular work days during the week, but may host larger efforts on the weekends.
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Standing, bending, moving stuff (30+lbs), digging, sitting on the ground, weather (hot, cold, rainy), anything we need to be aware of to pair you with the right activity.
Why do you want to volunteer with two weirdos who spend the majority of their free time in cemeteries? *
Ok, COVID. It is dumb. *
Just tell us whatever you are comfortable telling us.
I understand that I may not be selected for volunteer efforts on this project. *
This decision will be complex and driven by several factors: the pandemic, safety, physical ability, availability, our needs as we progress through the project.
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Tell us something (or not). Literally anything. About yourself, your passion, the world, that weird dude next door. Whatever.
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