For the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.
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EMDR is a treatment technique that facilitates the reprocessing of traumatic memory.  Scientific research has established EMDR as effective for the treatment of post-traumatic stress, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, stress, sexual and physical abuse, disturbing memories, complicated grief and addictions.
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The possible benefits of EMDR treatment include the following:
1. EMDR seems to unlock the nervous system and allows the brain to process a traumatic experience.  The images, sounds and feelings are no longer re-lived when the event is brought to mind.  The event is still remembered, but the painful thoughts, emotions and sensations associated with it are removed.  
2. EMDR can be thought of as a physiologically-based therapy that assists the brain in making sense out of disturbing material and then storing that material away in a more normal process of memory.
3. It is important and beneficial for the client to remember that it is the client’s own brain that is doing the healing.    
The possible risks of EMDR treatment include the following:
1. Reprocessing a memory may bring up associated memories which is a natural part of the process and those memories will also be reprocessed.
2. During EMDR, the client may experience physical sensations and retrieve images, emotions and sounds associated with the memory.
3. Reprocessing of the memory normally continues after the end of the formal therapy session.  Other memories, flashbacks, feelings and sensations may occur.  The client may have dreams associated with the memory.  Frequently the brain is able to process these additional memories without help, but arrangements for assistance will be made in a timely manner if the client is unable to cope.
4. Reprocessing traumatic memories can be uncomfortable as with any other therapeutic approach.   ¨There is no indication that if EMDR therapy is interrupted that there will be any adverse effects, therefore, a client can choose to discontinue treatment at any time.  
Alternative therapeutic approaches include the following:  individual, group and family psychotherapy in congruence with medication management as deemed appropriate.   *
 EMDR treatment will be consistently monitored under direct clinical supervision.
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