North Royalton City Schools' Crystal Starfish Nomination Form
Teachers and staff members play a pivotal role in our children’s lives. The North Royalton Schools/First Federal of Lakewood Crystal Starfish Award honors those teachers and staff members that are “making a difference above and beyond” each year. If you know of a teacher or staff member that deserves special recognition, nominate them for the Crystal Starfish Award, a celebration of teaching excellence in North Royalton.
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Is this person a teacher or support staff member?
If a teacher, what grade level/subject they teach?
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If a support staff member, what building do they work at and what is his/her title?
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How has this individual made a difference in your life or the life of a student?
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Thank you for your nomination! Winners are recognized twice a year. Special thanks to First Federal of Lakewood for sponsoring this recognition program. Many thanks to Cleats restaurant and Independence Flowers & Gifts for their donation to this program as well.
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