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Please 1. fill this form completely 2. email your essay (topics listed below) 3. email your one page biography (sample below) to no later than Nov 11th.
Prerequisites for applicants
1. currently enrolled in 12th grade of any local high school (seniors only)
2. at least one parent with Finnish citizenship
3. planning to continue studies in college level
4. recognized as student with high morale, values and positive character with interest to support Finnish community
5. need to be present to personally receive the scholarship award at FABG independence day event
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Finnish heritage questions
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In your opinion who is the most influential Finn abroad? Why? *
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According to your experience Finnish culture is all about ... what? *
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I am proud of my Finnish heritage, because ...
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In your mind what are the personal characteristics and attributes that differentiate the Finns from typical Americans?
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To me it is important to serve the local Finnish community because ....
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