OOHS XC Excused Absence Form
Complete this form to notify the coaches at least 24 hours in advance of when you will need to miss a team practice. Be sure you are familiar with the team attendance policy. This form MUST be completed in order for your absence to be excused. You are welcome to communicate your absence with a coach by other means (i.e. in person, via text, email, etc.) to supplement this form, but you STILL must complete this form.
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Which mandatory practice or meet are you unable to attend? *
What type of absence is this? *
Why are you unable to attend the mandatory practice or a meet? If you are missing part of practice (arriving late/leaving early), explain the reason and times involved. Partial absences may be exempt from the team attendance policy at the coaches' discretion based on the frequency and reason for the partial absence. *
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I understand that missing practice with less than 24 hours' notice is unexcused, unless I was absent from school (such as illness). I also understand that upon my 5th excused, or 2nd unexcused, absence, I cannot participate in the next meet. I understand that missing any meet in which I am assigned to compete is unexcused. If I have questions about the team attendance policy, I should see a coach. *
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