Kenston - Permit for Facility Use
Please complete the permit for use of Kenston Facilities. Your request will be entered and routed to building Administrators for approval. The email address below will receive an immediate response receipt.
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Only opening and closing buldings is provided. Enter any additional services needed (ex: number/type of tables & number of chairs setup, etc. - PLEASE BE SPECIFIC). Include a diagram for extensive setups.
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Will any food be served?
Will any kitchen cafeteria equipment be needed?
If yes, a food service person is required to be present during its operation. Please contact the Kenston Food Service department for rates and instructions. Visit the website at
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By selecting the "I Accept" checkbox, you are signing this Application electronically. If said permission is granted, you agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Application. By selecting "I Accept" you agree to comply strictly with the rules and regulations of the Board of Education governing the use of public shcool buildings set forth on the building regulations page.
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