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Panelists Names
Panelist names must match name as it appears on government issued identification, first and last name. This information will not be published anywhere and is just for internal use only. There is a maximum of 8 panelists that can be attached to host a panel.
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This name will appear in Sakura-Con's schedule and guide.
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How many people do you think will be there?
Will this panel involve game show or competition elements?
Will you need us to provide Petal Points for prizes?
Panel Style
What will you be doing:
Detailed description of the format
Explain the content of your panel. Be as detailed as possible, this will be used for panel review process and is for internal use only.
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Tech Needs
Note: Please be mindful that the layout of the panel rooms cannot be changed. NO WIFI AVAILABLE. If you require internet access, you must provide your own. All rooms will be provided with a projector/screen, laptop hookup and at least 2 microphones. If you have additional tech requirements or will be bringing in props, please list below and we will try our best to accommodate.
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Laptop Hookup
Please bring your own adapter if you have a specialty connection. We cannot guarantee that we will have one available for you
Preferred Day
Preferred Starting Time
We will do our best to accommodate preferred times, but they are assigned in order of when submissions are received. Thank you for your understanding. The hardest to schedule panels are afternoon or evening, if you would like to increase your chance of panel approval please consider morning or late night time slots.
Panel Duration
Permission is required from the panels coordinator for panels over 2 hours
Setup Time
Time Constraints or Conflicts
Having multiple conflicts will make it more difficult to give you your preferred day and time.
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Previous Panel Experience
Have you run a panel before?
Previous Panels
If you have, please describe the panels and the convention they were held at.
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Previous Panels Attendance
Additional Comments
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