GroveYouth RETURNING Leader Application
- You are a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ.
- You regularly attend Forest Grove Community Church or another local church (exceptions may be made).
- You have read and understood the GroveYouth Leadership Team Documents on the GroveYouth website (
- You have read and understood the Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith (
- You must have a successful Criminal Record Check (CRC) before the attending your first youth night. If you are a resident of Saskatoon, this can be done at the church at least 2 weeks prior to the first night you attend. This must be renewed every four years (check with Lizzie to see if you need one – If you live outside of Saskatoon, letters can be given for you to go to your police station on your own.
- You must attend all GroveYouth Leadership Training dates for your team to the best of your ability. Dates TBA on website.
- Jr. High leaders must be Grade 12 or older
- Sr. High small group leaders must be at least 1 year out of high school (some exceptions may be made). Those younger may apply for our program or hospitality teams.
- If you have taken a break from GroveYouth for 1+ years, you will need to fill in the FULL (New Applicant) Application.
I have read and understand the above information as well as the documents given on the Leadership Team website. *
To apply, click next below.
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