Q&A Submission for The Logical Manifestor Podcast with Kai Hernandez

This Q&A series was born with the intention to show you that you aren't alone.

Wondering what questions are game?

Anything about your subconscious mind, manifestation, mindset work, and how it all applies to life as an entrepreneur,

Asking this question not only brings you answers, but it brings answers to others you may not even know, on the other side of the planet, experiencing the exact same situation as you.

Whether it's simply a quick question or a thought/question that keeps coming back or bugging you (or even waking you up in the middle of the night #BeenThere) drop it in the form below.

Your question may just be the next one answered in the Q&A series on The Logical Manifestor Podcast,

Know that by asking this question you are not only helping yourself, but countless others experiencing the exact same thing, and I am truly grateful and honored to be a part of your journey.

To your wild success,
Kai ♥️

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