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Terms and Conditions
SERVICE IS COMPLIMENTARY. The eyelash extensions are free of charge. Your complimentary service ranges in value from $200-$400 per appointment.
The academy students working on your eyelashes and eyebrows and providing the service are trained professionals, and in most cases, already have prior lash extension experience.

COMMITMENT. When you sign up to be a model, you will be added to our roster for your specified city or geographic region given you provide all the necessary contact information. When needed, you will be contacted to set your complimentary appointment. If you have already committed to be a model for one of our students, thank you!

If there is even a slight possibility that you cannot make the appointment, please do not commit to it and wait for a date and time that 100% works for you.

If something comes up, please make every effort to find a replacement that is able to fulfill all of your appointment responsibilities (listed below). Our students are relying on you to apply what they've learned in the class to a real-life client. Working on a mannequin head does not come close to the experience of working on a real person. Please be mindful of how much your presence means to each student.

This policy is in place to uphold the standard of our certifications and to ensure the utmost quality and benefit for the students who take them.

-Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment
-Please arrive with clean eyes without any eye makeup
-Please wear something comfy as you will be laying down for the entirety of your lash appointment which can take up to four hours (We recommend bringing headphones to listen to music or a podcast. Many clients fall asleep as well!)
-Please do not drink any caffeinated beverages for at least 2 hours prior to your appointment time

CONTACT. Email us at or call our office at 1-800-608-2420 for any and all communications regarding being a lash model.

APPOINTMENT REMINDER. We will contact you 2 days prior to your scheduled appointment to remind you of your complimentary service at our certification course

WAIVER. Lash Affair by J.Paris is to be held harmless in the event of an allergic reaction or any other accidental circumstance that may arise.

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