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Hello readers, I'm searching for a cohort of beta readers to read my latest novella, and you may be the person for the job! The novella is called The Peculiar Case of the Luminous Eye, it's a supernatural mystery/horror.

A beta readers job is to read an unpublished manuscript and offer feedback. Your input could lead to real changes in the final product. So if putting your thumbprint on a piece of fiction sounds fun to you, fill out the short form below.

About the story

A distraught client comes knocking on Willems door in the dead of night seeking a detective specializing in supernatural anomalies. She complains that her employer suffers from an otherworldly disease, ghostly blue parasites living in his eye. Thus Willem sets to work at what may become the most dangerous case of his career. With the help of Dr. Florence, a gifted surgeon and Willem's infatuation, they seek to save their client's life. But things are worse than they feared, and soon it is they who will need saving.

About the process

This story clocks in at about 40 pages, so this will be a quick process. The beta read will last about 2 weeks, but if you require a little extra time we can allow for that. Once you've signed up, I'll reach out to you with a link to the shared Google Doc where the beta read will take place. All the information you'll need will be in that document.

The process will be a lot of fun :) So fill out the info below to sign up.
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