EC-001 Field Course Signup -- Feb28-Mar2 2020
EC-001 course including the 2020 Florida Amateur Radio Emergency Conference
Gainesville Florida. Day One: Friday slides/lectures
Day 2/3 Lectures/Hands-on/Exercise -- Emergency Conference: please register separately for that Conference here:
Day 4: Finish up & take exam Monday March 2

The Emergency Conference will provide the "hands-on" portions of the EC-001 course! We'll go through all the remaining slides and sections on the preceding Friday (Feb28) and following Monday(Mar 2) and I'm working to arrange the easy test right at the completion. BRING YOUR RADIO(S) & DEPLOYMENT GEAR TO THE 2020 EMERGENCY CONF Sat/Sunday

PREREQUISITES: You must have done some flavor of ICS-100 and IS-700 in order to take the Exam. Bring your DATE OF COMPLETION for each of these free online courses with you.

NOTE: Completion of EC-001 is required in Florida for deployment out of your county, as I understand it.

Each day we'll have some kind of light lunch available, generally Publix Sandiwich rings or similar, $5 typically.

We are asking for the use of the Alachua County EOC conference room for the Fri/Mon sessions; the 2020 Emergency Conference will be at a local church (being arranged). You'll get plenty of emails from us.....with updates.
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