P2E Local Youth Peacebuilder (LYP) Application Form
Play2EDUCATE seeks global citizens that can actively demonstrate commitment to our mission, vision, and values. We are an equal opportunity organization and thus select applicants based on professional and academic qualifications and personal capabilities without discrimination. With that, we encourage applicants from all races, ethnicities, religions, and genders to apply for positions with our organization.

This application form is for the Local Youth Peacebuilders (LYP) program at Play2EDUCATE in Kosovo. For additional information please reference the LYP program description. Please complete the form below in order to apply for a position within the program. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. Selected applicants may be contacted for an interview and the program spots will be offered to the best candidates.
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Are you physically fit and able to participate in regular lite to moderate forms of exercise and equipment lifting? *
Where are you originally from (i.e. city, town, country)? *
Where do you currently live (i.e. city, town, country)? *
Currently, do you live at or near one of our program cities / communities (Ferizaj / Uroshevac or Prishtine/a area or nearby cities/towns)? Or are you willing to travel to one or all of these locations regularly for LYP program requirements? *
What is your level of Albanian? *
Regarding your Albanian speaking abilities, please select all that apply. *
What is your level of Serbian? *
Regarding your Serbian speaking abilities, please select all that apply. *
What is your level of English? *
Regarding your English speaking abilities, please select all that apply. *
Do you speak any minority languages (besides Serbian) present in Kosovo? If yes, please indicate the language and your level. *
Do you have previous experience (check all that apply): *
Please provide more details about the experiences you selected above (i.e. what, when, where, why, how). *
Do you have passion for or interest in (check all that apply): *
Why do you want to participate in P2E's Local Youth Peacebuilders program? *
Please describe your educational background (i.e. field of study, institution, dates of study, any major accomplishments or projects). *
Please describe any relevant work experience (i.e. position, company, contract dates, main responsibilities, any major projects and accomplishments). *
If selected for this program, would you be simultaneously participating with P2E and working / studying? *
Will the hours / responsibilities of participating in the LYP program and working / studying conflict? *
Is there any (potential) conflict of interest between your job/studies and a potential role with P2E? *
Do you currently volunteer anywhere else or participant in any other peacebuliding progams? If yes, please explain where, your role, how long you've been there, etc. *
The Local Youth Peacebuilders program consists of an initial training (10-12 hours in duration) and then 10 consecutive sessions/weeks of weekend facilitation at one of our program sites (4-5 hours per weekend). Please place your initials below to indicate that you understand this and can make such a commitment. *
The Local Youth Peacebuilders program is an educational and professional skills building opportunity and thus unpaid. Please place your initials below to confirm that you understand and agree to this. *
How did you hear about this position? *
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