Life-Changing Teacher Survey
The purpose behind this short and simple survey is to gather information on what traits and skills make a life changing teacher, and to use this data to add to the body of work that is currently bettering classrooms around the world.

For the purpose of this survey, a teacher can be defined as anyone who teaches elementary, jr. high, high school, college, as well as an administrator, coach, mentor, adviser, Sunday school teacher, parent, community leader, etc.

We are not looking for any specific answers. Please respond with the top four answers from your own personal experience. Only one is required to complete the survey, but more is greatly appreciated. If you have more than four, there will be a link to fill out the survey again after you've submitted your response.

Please share this survey with any and everyone you would like.
Finish the sentence below in the blank provided. Answer in whatever way you think best. Feel free to write as much or little as you would like. (Examples could include: Things life-changing teachers do, who they are as people, their traits, methods, teaching skills, what they focus on, what defines them, or the way they have made a lasting impact on you). *
(Finish the following sentence) The most life-changing teachers...
(Optional) If you can, provide examples or observations that further describe your answer.
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