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Hello! This form allows you to choose the teams you would like to join, the Instructor Team and/or the Developer Team (you can be on both!). The iTOT instructor team conducts tutoring sessions with students and create instructional courses to post on our YouTube account and website. The Developer Team focuses on our website and application development. Please allocate 15 to 30 minutes for this application as there will be some forms that you need to fill out for our onboarding process! If needed, you can copy-paste the text on this application and come back to it later. We're glad to have you on board and we look forward in seeing you at our meetings on Discord! :) Please note that we NO LONGER USE as our active website, we use instead!
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Here is our ACTIVE Membership requirements. In order to be an active developer or instructor of iTOT, we require the following:   1) Attend the 1 Hour weekly training meetings on iTOT's Discord ( under the voice channel "General Meetings" (Spring 2022 Meeting are held on Sundays at 8 PM PST)   2) Sign up for at LEAST 2 (1 hour) Tutoring Shifts per Week. Here is the iTOT Tutoring form:     3) Create a 5 min instructional video every Week (Either a Summarized video of your weekly tutoring sessions or a video that is apart of your instructional video course--more info in the later sections of the application).        4) Reply to all the Student Questions regarding your Tutoring Course every week on                                                                                                                 An ACTIVE instructor should allocate around 4-5 hours per week. We  encourage instructors to allocate more if possible. If you are currently a developer, we encourage you to help out as an instructor as well. It can provide you with a holistic experience of the job we do at the Omniscient Tutor. If you cannot make this requirement, then please contact Vince ( or Pascale ( and we can find an alternative option. *
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