Frisbee Rob's Get Unplugg'd Challenge
I challenge you to try and change times when you use technology. The challenge involves 3 parts:

1. No screens in the bedroom
2. No screens at the dinner table
3. No screens one hour before bed

That means instead of playing video games, play outside. Instead of watching a movie, read a book. Instead of watching tv, go write. Instead of going on social media, go hang out with your friends.

I want you to develop self-discipline about how much time you are spending using technology and in front of a screen. Technology can be amazing when used to help improve ourselves, communicate with our friends & family and make life easier.

But if we are passionate about something and we end up spending 2, 3, 4 or more hours every day in front of a screen, then we won't have the chance to explore and discover how much we can love our passion and how good we can become. Instead of watching others do something they love, go do what you love to do instead. If you don’t have something, explore, try new things, and discover what your thing might be.

If you complete my challenge, you could win something. But the real value is knowing that you can set screen time limits. If you try the challenge, that's a victory and if you complete the challenge, then you should be proud because you have proven to yourself that you can do it.

I believe in you. But I want you to believe in yourself first.

Frisbee Rob

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