Help Us Help Cramerton!
The Cramerton Community Committee was created to enhance the sense of community, the town's physical beauty and a sense of pride in the residents of the Town of Cramerton through volunteer projects, recognition of those who best exemplify these concepts and guidance through the advisory process of the Board of Commissioners.

Cramerton Cares is our public volunteer endeavor that focuses on public space projects such as "River Sweeps", plantings in public right-of-ways, remediation of public or historic buildings, etc. The goal is not only to beautify a particular area or structure, but also foster a sense of community among the volunteers.

We would love to hear from you especially on the following two questions:

Which public space projects are most important to you? Please select the option you are MOST interested in.
Which public space project are you also interested in?
Would you be willing to volunteer your time/energy on projects from time to time?
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