WRR Club Trumps: Create Your Card
Welcome! This form is to collect the key information to enable you to be immortalised in the first ever set of Witney Road Runners "Club Trump" cards!

The information will be stored solely for the purpose of creating the card artwork and will be destroyed once the cards have been produced. We're asking for your email only so we can confirm back to you the information you have entered.

To make a deck we need a minimum of 29 volunteers but can accommodate more if people are keen!

We are looking at getting the decks professionally printed and available for members to purchase. At this stage the indications are a deck will cost around £5-£6 based on selling 30 decks of 30 cards.

You can be on a card and not buy a set. You can buy a set if you're not on a card. You can do both. You can do neither. No obligation either way.
Email address *
What version of your name do you want to appear on your card? *
What year did you join Witney Road Runners? *
What age category are you? *
What is your 5k personal best time (can be from parkrun or 5000m/5k races)? eg. 28:37 *
How many parkruns have you completed? *
What is the shortest race you've done? *
What is the longest race you've done? *
What quip, quote or motto do you want featured on your card? (30 characters maximum) *
If sets of cards are available for around £5-£6 how many sets do you think you might be interested in buying (no obligation - we're just trying to get an idea of quantities)?
Clear selection
We Need Your Photo!
The final thing we need is the photo you want on the card. Please email your photo to Dan via wrrdanw@gmail.com who will then add to the card artwork.

Remember the photo will be cropped square and the top left will be slightly obscured by the club logo (see the examples images at the top of this page).
Example of how the cards will look...
Before you go!
Thanks for wanting to be involved. Hopefully this can be another fun way of connecting the club in these strange times.

Keep tuned on Spond, Facebook or through the newsletter for updates on final costings and when we'll need to know how many decks you want to buy.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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