The Fellowship of the Loneliest Road

- May 1: Applications open
- May 19: Entry period closes
- June 5: Recipient is announced
- July 10-15: Artist travels Highway 50
- August 22-31: The work is featured on Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada’s channels

We will expect from you:

- Images from the road (to be used for five Instagram posts the week of the journey)
- Daily recaps (of 300-500 words)
- A body of work to be displayed by Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada

Good luck, and safe travels!

In 300 words or less, please tell us why you would like to take part in The Fellowship of the Loneliest Road. *
Think about how a solo travel experience (specifically, on Nevada’s Highway 50) will influence your creative process and how it will inform the work you create on the road and in the future.
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Please provide three links to relevant samples of your work. *
Consider how the work relates to themes of travel, solitude, landscape, etc...
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If you would like to further articulate how your submitted work applies to The Fellowship of the Loneliest Road, please do so here.
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What are five things you would like to do on Route 50? *
Explore the petroglyphs at Hickison Recreational Area? Visit the Opera House in Eureka? Gaze at the starry night sky and contemplate the universe? Be creative, but please provide a few physical sites.
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How do you plan to execute your work in the five–day course of the journey and in the immediate aftermath? *
Please include a rough timeline.
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What equipment/materials will you bring with you on the road? *
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Full name *
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Primary phone number *
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Full address, including state and zip code *
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Date of birth *
Instagram handle *
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Do you have a valid US driver's license? *
Are you available to travel between the days of July 10—July 15? *
Are you available for infrequent phone calls July 15 — August? *
Are you willing to have your work created as part of this assignment displayed on Atlas Obscura and TravelNevada's channels? *
Anything else we should know? Use this space to include anything we missed.
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