TrueBlueGrassRoots Revolution
The goal of #TrueBlueGrassRoots is to revitalize the Precinct Committee Network - the built-in grassroots arm of the Democratic Party - that has unfortunately been left to fade into obscurity. For instance, of the current 85 Precincts in Daviess County alone, over 60 are completely empty, with only 2 having the required 3 member committee.

Precincts are the lifeline that connect the National, State and County levels of the Democratic Party to the Neighborhood level. They are essentially the missing link between Politicians and the People.

The purpose of this survey is manifold:
• To find candidates throughout the Commonwealth to fill these ever important roles
• To build community as we work together revitalizing the foundation of our Party via emails & the Facebook group
• And also to provide genuine feedback to local Party Leaders of the often unheard voice of the people.

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