College Decision for Senior Salute
If you know where you are going to school, fill out the form below. This will be used for the Senior Salute Handout.

Write the full of the name of the university as it appears on the school's website. DO NOT ABBREVIATE. Each school has it's own way of naming itself, use it. For example, if you are going to UT list "University of Texas at Austin". But UC schools use the comma, "University of California, Berkeley". Google it if you aren't sure.

As for majors, say what major you are intending to pursue at the school you are attending. If you are undecided, put undeclared as your major. If you were admitted into general studies, you can say that. Basically, put whatever you want people to read on the senior salute packet.

If you are going to be in a special program like Honors, please list that in the honors program's name. If you are taking a gap year, put gap year.

Any questions can be forwarded to Molly Dowe or Hannah Saquing.

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