Faithful Team Discord Ban Appeal Form
If you have been banned from one of the Faithful Discord servers, you may submit a ban appeal form here in order your want to re-join the servers to be considered.

Please note that all bans are universal throughout the Faithful Discord Family, so if you get unbanned in one, you will be unbanned on all others.

Lying or joke appeals will not be tolerated and will result in further action.
Discord Tag *
ex: DiscordMan#9000
Should we reduce your punishment or outright revoke it? *
Do you think your punishment fair? *
What rule do you believe you broke? *
If your punishment was unfair, you may type “skip”
Why do you believe we should unban you? *
If you think your punishment unfair, please explain why here.
If your punishment is revoked or reduced, how will you act in the future to ensure you don’t get in kicked or banned again?
If your punishment was fair, you must answer this question.
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