Homegrown Apothecary Session: Interview Request Form
If you are interested in the Tend and Flourish Homegrown Apothecary Session, please read the information
 below and fill out this interview request form.

Homegrown Apothecary Apprenticeship

Want to build your botanical skillset and experience hands-in-the-earth learning in a beautiful farm setting? Experience the beautiful process of starting with seed to tending to harvest firsthand. We will cover seed sowing, transplants, divisions, perennials vs. annuals, plant life cycles, basic botany, and more!

The Homegrown Apothecary Apprenticeship will focus on learning by doing. It is hands-on and requires time in the elements working in the dirt. It covers the very basics of herbal medicine, how to grow herbs, plant identification, and herbal preparations. The Herbal Foundations Program is more of a lecture-based program with primarily classroom learning. We go in-depth on herbal actions, systems of the body, contraindications, methods of preparing a variety of herbal remedies, and we cover over 36 plants in detail.

● Thursdays 4 PM - 6 PM Online Zoom
● Sundays 10 AM - 3:30 PM In-person Sessions on the Farm (We may do 2 smaller groups from 10-12:30 & 1-3:30)
Thursdays are virtual
Sundays are in-person
Homegrown Apothecary Session (hands-on)
Th 2/25 (virtual)
Th 3/4 (virtual)
Th 3/18 (virtual)
Su 3/21 (in person)
Th 4/1 (virtual)
Su 4/11 (in person)
Th 5/6 (virtual)
Su 5/16 (in person)
Th 6/3 (virtual)
Su 6/6 (in person)
Th 7/22 (virtual)
Su 7/25 (in person)


● $800
● $200 non-refundable deposit to hold your space that is applied towards balance
● Monthly payments available
● Prepayment discounts available for payment in full

Student Extra Expenses for Herbal Foundations Program
You will be making a variety of herbal preparations and here is the expected items to purchase.

● 2 case of half pint mason jars
● 1 case of pint mason jars
● 1 half gallon of olive oil
● 1 gallon+ 80 proof vodka (40% alcohol)
● 1 half gallon apple cider vinegar ​​

How to Apply
● Please fill out this online interview request form and schedule a phone interview by clicking this link: https://calendly.com/tendandflourishschool

● We will be conducting phone interviews in March – September until the classes are full.
● Each interview will take 15-20 minutes.
● Interviews are required for the Herbal Foundations Program & the Homegrown Apothecary Apprenticeship Program.

Email tendandflourishschool@gmail.com for more info.
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Our sessions take place on Thursday afternoons and some Sundays. Does this work for you? *
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The sessions will take place rain or shine. Do you have rain gear and are you comfortable with this? In cases of severe weather such as lightning storms, the class may be rescheduled. *
Some sessions may require planting, transplanting, weeding, heavy lifting, working in the sun, dealing with mosquitos, gnats, and flies. Are you okay with all of this? Gardening is no easy endeavor. *
We will be hiking up to 2 miles on unlevel ground in some sessions, specifically during the ethical wild foraging portions. Are you okay with this? *
Do you have any physical limitations that would prevent you from taking part in the activities listed above? *
Do you have any major medical issues we should be aware of? (allergies to bee stings or food, major illnesses, recent surgeries)? If so, please explain *
This session will include apprenticeship style learning in which participants will learn by doing. For example, there will be several garden tasks to accomplish during each session. Hard work and a strong work ethic are requirements of this program. Do you agree to these terms? *
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