MMA Thread 'News Reporter' Application
Please ensure you fill out this application to your best ability. The application process is made up of 2 parts. You will be reviewed on your grammar and spelling throughout. Ensure you are using the correct capitalisation of letters along with correctly used sentences and paragraphs.

*Please Note: You must 16+ to submit this application.

*Please Note: There is a waiting list to join our team, you may not receive a response to your application until we have a vacancy. The highest standard applications will be put first.

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Section 1 - What's it about?
This section is information about you, there is some contact information and questions on your interest in applying for this role.
Section 2 - What's it about?
This section is where you will provide a 300-500 word minimum news article which you have written. The article should be on a piece of news which has happened in the professional MMA scene. You can write this directly into the application or if you wish you may come back at a later date when you have a piece ready which you can then copy & paste in.

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