WCC Facility Use Request Form
*All reservations require a $50 deposit ($200 auditorium) plus rental/setup fees
*Active WCC members receive a 50% discount and a deposit is not required (discount does not apply to auditorium)
*WCC reserves the right to cancel/reschedule an event if there is an unforeseen conflict
*Please allow up to 1 week to process each request; you will receive an approval/denial email
*Fees are due once an approval has been issued; dates will not be guaranteed until fees are received
*Tables/chairs/equipment are NOT to be repositioned or borrowed from another area
*WCC campus cannot be used for non-WCC related events in which a fee is collected or a profit is made (even if an organization has a 501c3 "non-profit" status)
*Weddings are only available for active WCC members and immediate family
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[Example: Sunday, January 1st, 2018] Please include day of the week
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*SUNDAY events cannot begin until 1pm, and setup cannot begin until 12:30pm so that it does not interfere with Sunday services.
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*SATURDAY events cannot go past 4pm [including teardown/cleanup] because the building needs to be cleaned and ready for Sunday services.
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*Lobby is not available for parties or outside events.* [This is to keep the facility available for other events to take place in the church. Since the lobby is the main entrance to the building, it is not courteous or professional to have guests from other events walk through another event being held in the lobby.]
Setup/Equipment Needed:
Please include times/dates that you plan on setting up and tearing down. Generally, events are allowed to set up an hour early, and cleanup will take place an hour after the event ends.
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