References using my premade bases
Getting your already-existing character painted on one of my bases, with or without shading!

Already existing characters are defined by being fully designed, meaning that I won't be doing any design-related tasks (revamping included) in this order. If you have a design that you'd like modified, totally redone, or something fresh and new, please check out my base designs form for proper pricing and questions!

Prices range from $30 to over $80 with shading and extras added on!
This form helps me to keep your orders information organized and to help me give you an estimate!
This form is used to help me keep your orders information all in one place. You can change the details of your order at any time before I begin on it! Filling out this form does not mean that I'll invoice you immediately after or anything! I'll talk to you after you've filled out the form and have you confirm everything before moving on :) This form is to help me understand what you'd like me to create for you!
You do not / should not have to answer all of the questions I have here! Only answer questions relevant to your order (in other words, you do not need to check a box for every single question)
Please read through this below link from my rules and terms of service for an FAQ styled page answering common questions!

-Fees, requesting edits, and pickiness
-Payment, payment plans
-The types of files you'll receive
-My rights to the art
-Terms of service that you agree to by ordering art from me
Relevant guidelines of clients for all orders. Going forward, it is assumed that you've read these. All clients, old and new, should at least skim it, as my TOS/rules update every few months.
You can view all of these points and more in detail on my policy page:

1) I will not work with gratuitously picky, controlling, or distrustful clients. Being picky/having a specific vision is okay, but being nitpicky/controlling is not.

2) I will not work with and will cancel/refund people who are pushy, rude, passive aggressive, or harsh in criticism.

3) For NSFW orders, you MUST read through "Regarding fetishes and NSFW content" from this page on my website with the info:

4) Commission turnaround time can vary wildly, but most clients wait between 2 to 8+ months for their work to be finished.

5) Orders that are complex or those that have multiple projects within them (ex: a design + reference, or a painting + background, or a multi-pose reference) take longer than one dimensional orders (ex: a ref from a base). Complex orders take much more time, and so the process is generally longer to correctly produce them.

6) A client may ask me to stream for them, and I may accept if I have the energy and time that day, but streaming is rare for me. If I do stream, it would be via twitch, picarto, or youtube.

7) I am slow to reply to most things, and slow to work on orders usually. Generally, receiving art is a slow process from me, and a person in a hurry should probably not commission me.

8) I cannot work with clients who are more negative than positive in the process

9) If I am very uncomfortable or feel significantly pushed around, I'm more likely to just cancel and refund than to talk about it and tell the client to back off.
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