References using my premade bases
Getting your already-existing character painted on one of my bases, with or without shading!

Already existing characters are defined by being fully designed, meaning that I won't be doing any design-related tasks (revamping included) in this order. If you have a design that you'd like modified, totally redone, or something fresh and new, please check out my base designs form for proper pricing and questions!

Prices range from $30 to over $80 with shading and extras added on!
This form helps me to keep your orders information organized and to help me give you an estimate!
This form is used to help me keep your orders information all in one place. You can change the details of your order at any time before I begin on it! Filling out this form does not mean that I'll invoice you immediately after or anything! I'll talk to you after you've filled out the form and have you confirm everything before moving on :) This form is to help me understand what you'd like me to create for you!
You do not / should not have to answer all of the questions I have here! Only answer questions relevant to your order (in other words, you do not need to check a box for every single question)
Please read through this below link from my rules and terms of service for an FAQ styled page answering common questions!

-Fees, requesting edits, and pickiness
-Payment, payment plans
-The types of files you'll receive
-My rights to the art
-Terms of service that you agree to by ordering art from me
Relevant guidelines and rules. By filling out this form and going forward, it is assumed that you've read these, at least. If you skip past these blindly, we might have a bad experience.
1) I cannot draw from a shaded or textured image of a character accurately, and therefore I require clients to provide me a clear, unshaded, flat-colored image of their character. These don't have to be high quality at all, and a hand-drawn image from MSpaint could suffice, for example. I only need to see the characters basic colors, their markings clearly, and any anatomy features they have. I highly prefer images of the character that are in profile (side) view so that I can easily see their anatomy, colors, and markings.

2) I will not work with extremely picky, controlling, or distrustful clients. Being picky/having a specific vision is okay, but being nitpicky/controlling is not. I also will not work with anyone who wants to be the backseat artist and tell me how to do my job.

If you've ordered from me before, especially more than once, then this almost certainly does NOT apply to you! This is mainly aimed at new and first time clients, where we haven't worked together before or established a relationship. Almost every single client I've worked with has been wonderful- only a handful have been incompatible.

3) I will still be charging $5-$15 per change/edit request past the included/free 3 changes/edits. A client will have three opportunities to request a change or edit to their order during the process. This can be anything- making the tail shorter, changing the eye colors, changing a marking or color, etc. After I've made three changes/edits to your commission, then every extra change/edit afterwards will cost an additional $5-$15. This is in place so that I can be paid fairly while spending extra time on the order. Too many edits or changes requested may result in a cancellation and proportionate refund.

4) From a client, these things are most likely to cause me to refund and cancel an order without warning:
-Hard to please attitudes and chronic malcontents
-Passive aggression
-Blatant rudeness
-Harsh, disrespectful, or unhelpful criticism (ex: "um.. can it look more realistic..?" "x y or z looks totally wrong", "none of this looks right" etc)
-Guilt tripping, manipulation, or threats
-Asking for an absurd or constant amount of edits or changes
-Controlling tendencies or a lack of trust in me
-Constantly bugging me for updates, daily or weekly
-Are generally pushy, demanding, or have unrealistic expectations

5) Commission turnaround time can vary wildly, but most clients wait between 2 to 8 months for their work to be finished, unless we've setup a deadline or it's a rush order. I generally work on orders oldest to newest. Sometimes I may jump ahead and choose a newer commission if it fits into the time I have allowed to work on that specific day- usually these are simple and quick orders. Orders that are complex or those that have multiple projects within them (ex: a design + reference, or a painting + background, or a multi-pose reference) take longer than one dimensional orders (ex: a ref from a base). Complex orders take much more time, and so the process is generally longer to correctly produce them.

6) A client may ask me to stream for them, and I may accept if I have the energy and time that day, but streaming is rare for me. If I do stream, it would be via twitch, picarto, or youtube.

7) If the client and I communicate mainly through discord, then I expect the client to respect that my discord is personal and when I'm online, I'm not working 100% of the time. I only work for a few hours per day.

8) I am slow to reply to most things, and slow to work on orders usually. Generally, receiving art is a slow process from me, and a person in a hurry should probably not commission me. I am laid back and like to take my time perfecting the work.

9) I cannot work with clients who are more negative than positive in the process, nor those that are hyperactive and spamming me for updates every single day.

10) A client can ask for updates on their position in the queue / on their order up to two times per month. When I'm actively working on the order, when it's at the top of my queue, we'll be in constant contact, usually daily or weekly at least. It is usually obvious when I've begun working on a clients order, as I'll be reaching out and constantly communicating with them.

11) For more involved/complex/requiring a lot of communication commissions:
I try to avoid conflict as much as possible. I am subtle about my disagreements and it may not be obvious when I feel like I'm being pushed or inconvenienced. Please don't walk all over me and push me around. I really hate disagreeing, and in the past I've been bullied by some clients who are really pushy. A heavy hand, on the clients part, may result in me cancelling and refunding the commission without warning. I only need light corrections, or else I wilt.
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