Student/ECP Reviewer Sign-up Sheet 2020
If you are a student or Early Career Professional (ECP) member of ISH who would like to be considered as a potential journal manuscript reviewer, please complete and submit the form below!

The information entered into this form will be available to all ISH members via a protected portion of the ISH website ( at a future date.

We hope that this list will provide our membership with a source for finding potential reviewers you can suggest to journals when submitting your work for publication.
Name *
Country *
Member Category ("Student" includes both undergrads & grad students; "ECP" includes postdocs, new faculty, research scientists, etc. that are 0-5 years post-degree) *
Taxonomic Expertise (within Hymenoptera; e.g., family, etc.) *
Potential Review Topic(s) (e.g., Systematics, Ecology, Behaviour, etc.) *
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