Cam2 Sport 23.1 越野山賽義工報名表  
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義工相關技能如急救, 攝影及其他 Volunteer related skills such as first aid, photography and others
希望負責義務工作範圍 Ideally responsible for the scope of volunteer work
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緊急聯絡人姓名及電話Emergency contact name and phone number :
義工條款 : 義工需出席賽前簡介會, 日期另行通知. 每名義工均可獲得價值$399 元Kailas 透氣排汗 T-Shirt 乙件, 義工電子證書及車馬津貼 . Volunteer terms: Volunteers are required to attend the volunteer briefing before the race , and the date will be notified later. Each volunteer can get a quick dry and breathable value of $399 Kailas T-Shirt, volunteer e-certs and allowance.
本人清楚及明白, 我現參與 「Cam2 Sport 23.1越野山賽」義工工作,僅此聲明並作出保證,我會遵守主辦機構之臨時安排及倘於活動期間發生意外,包括死亡、受傷或財物損失,我將自行承擔一切責任。主辦機構、各贊助機構及支援機構無須對此作出賠償或負上任何法律責任。若我在活動期間發生事而導致主辦機構支付額外開支,我願意對主辦機構作出合理之賠償。我亦授權予舉辦者及其代理商選用任何有關此賽事之相片,錄影帶及賽事紀錄作任何合法途. I understand that I am involved in volunteer work for the "Cam2 Sport 23.1 Trail running". I hereby declare and make a pledge. I will abide by the temporary arrangements of the organizer and if there are accidents during the event, including death, injury or material damage, I will take full responsibility for myself. Organisers, sponsoring agencies, and support organizations are not required to pay compensation or assume any legal responsibility. If I happen any accicdent during the event and cause the organizer to pay extra expenses, I am willing to make reasonable compensation to the organizer. I also authorize the organizer and its agents to use any photos, and videotapes of the event for any legitimate purpose.
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